Artesa is well-known because of its beauty and quality that its rooms offer to have a rest.

The building in which our equipment is placed is classified by Fien Art as a clear example of traditional architecture: it responds to a typical highland house, well adapted to the weather and the old "chacinero" economy of the village.

The restoration started in 1994 and it tried to preserved as much architectorical values as possible. It tied to combine its traditional architecture and confort to offer quality services to the tourist.

We own a welcoming social lounge, which is usually used as a place to different exhibitions, we have a quiet garden in which we are sure you will have a good time.

References of our services and proofs of recognition could be found in different guidebooks in which we are included with the beest punctuation: different editions of Michelin Guidebook, 100 Houses of charm, Guidebook of the Good Life from Pais Aguilar, Guidebook of the best lodgings of Spain and Portugal, National Guidebook of Tourism, World-wide Assistance Guidebook of Hotels and Restaurants of Spain in its different editions 2000, 2001, 2002, etc.